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T.E.E.D (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs) - Garden (Calibre Remix) (by UKFDrumandBass)

Sun of the Sleepless - Tausend kalte Winter (by hebelecik)

Only You - Portishead (by jeremy24ar)

Love You More - Trespassers William - W/ Lyrics (by AOsCopyright)

Trip-Hop Music: Fuzzy - Glitter & Glue (by Profeshian)

Nero - Bad Trip (Bar 9 Remix) - Audio Phreaks.wmv (by ZAudioRecords)

Nero - Something Else (HQ) (by DubstepRevolution)

Trespassers William - What Of Me (by ANNU85ANIL)

Jezuzfreek777: A New Dimension of Absurdity. (by meridianfrost)

CULT of Ron Paul (by TheAmazingAtheist)

Emiliana Torrini - “Heartstopper” (by videopreditor)

Self Inflicted Violence A Mental Cancer II (by anonforuz)

this song started playin in my head after i had a thought. i hate that feeling when you look back at the past and identify that you were odd. that a situation was uncomfortable, and relive it.

i cant help but cringe, as if i were trying to cut a splinter out with a blade.  

Zero7 - Passing By (by EsbenT)